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Xbox adapter lets people turn their power wheelchairs into game controllers

January 31, 2020

Is so fascinating that the new xbox adapter has a brand new extension

The Xbox Adaptive Controller already expands the usability of Xbox for gamers with disabilities, and today, a third-party add-on takes that controller to the next level, allowing gamers to turn their power wheelchairs into game controllers. Called the Freedom Wing Adapter, the box connects the Xbox Adaptive Controller to a wheelchair through its 9-pin port. This means a joystick that controls a wheelchair every day can be turned into a controller, which is particularly useful for people who are already used to their joysticks and buttons.

Charity organization AbleGamers created the device alongside ATMakers, a group of tech makers and enthusiasts who focus on assistive technology. The Freedom Wing Adapter is being given out through AbleGamers, and people can apply for a grant for one on AbleGamers’ website.

ATMakers found a company to make the printed circuit boards, which it says will sell for around $7, meaning gamers can build it on their own for about $35 with all the other required materials once the instructions to build the device are eventually published. You can get a general idea of how to make one by watching the video below. And AbleGamers COO Steve Spohn tells The Verge the 9-pin connectors needed to connect the wheelchair to the device are standard on wheelchair joysticks. So it seems that, in theory, this device should work with many wheelchairs currently on the market.

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