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Coronavirus might slow iphone production

January 31, 2020

Next month, Apple had planned to ramp up production of its cheap successor to the iPhone SE—variously referred to as iPhone 9 and iPhone SE2—by up to 10 percent. Then, the devastating, tragic, SARS-like Coronavirus broke out across Wuhan, China, putting the tech company’s Asian production facilities in a bind. Now, executives tell Nikkei Asian Review the company’s production schedule is facing “massive uncertainties.”

Obviously, this is the least of the world’s worries.

With that being said, Apple informed suppliers in China it wanted to produce up to 80 million iPhones during the first half of 2020, representing about a 10 percent increase. According to the report, about 65 million of those orders are for older iPhones, while the other 15 million are for the forthcoming iPhone SE successor. In addition to iPhones, Apple also planned to hike up AirPods production by 45 million units due to demand.

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